A blog about Group Rides? Seriously? Why would anyone do that? 

Because the Group Ride can change your life. Seriously. If you’re a regular on a Group Ride, it already has. You’ve become a better, stronger, faster rider (and maybe even a better person) over time because of your passion and participation.

Whether you ride a bicycle for fun, fitness, competition, or a paycheck, you most likely either:

  • Love to ride your bike but mostly do so alone or occasionally with a few friends but you’ve never done a Group Ride. This blog is dedicated to providing you with information and insight about how to get going and what to do when you get out there. You can’t ride alone forever! Humans are social creatures, finding motivation and inspiration in community – You can do Group Rides and you’ll become a better rider because of it.


  • You love to ride your bike and have occasionally done Group Rides but don’t do them often enough to feel comfortable physically (Group Rides are hard) and/or socially (Group Rides can sometimes appear too cliquey or elitist). This blog is dedicated to providing you with encouragement and knowledge so that you’ll persist and take you’re next step in developing as an athlete.


  • You love to ride your bike and never miss a Group Ride if you can help it. You race. You train. You have goals and dreams. You might be a Group Rat. This blog is dedicated to our shared, universal experiences in the Group.

It’s a fact that the strongest cyclists regularly do Group Rides. If you’re even vaguely interested in becoming a better, stronger rider then you need to find a Group Ride near you that fits with your aspirations and get out there. If you’re a regular on a Group Ride then you already know this and you’re reaping the benefits.

This blog is dedicated to The ART of the Group Ride.

Before you dig in, here are some posts you might want to check out first:

All posts with specific Group Ride Tips are tagged under Group Ride Wisdom.

Here’s a short explanation of the categories listed in the right-hand sidebar:

Disclaimer: all information or advice on this blog is personal and anecdotal, taken from years of cycling experience. The author(s) are not licensed medical professionals and assume no liability whatsoever. There are many dangers inherent to cycling and you owe it to yourself to play it safe. Additionally, the views expressed on this blog are solely the author(s) and not necessarily those of employers, friends, family, pets, or imaginary side-kicks. Thanks!

You can contact AGR at artofthegroupride(at)gmail.com

Ride on…


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