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The Treacherous Attack

This post continues a series on Attacks, including The Impossible Attack, The Subtle, Devastating Attack, and The Beautiful Attack.

In 2001, George Hincapie was in perhaps the best form of his life when he lined up for Paris-Roubaix. Earlier in the week, he took the win at the semi-classic Ghent-Wevelgem and was poised to be the first American ever to stand on the top step in the Roubaix velodrome. After a few hiccups and mechanicals earlier in the race, George found himself in the winning break alongside 3 Domo-Farm Frites riders including the Lion of Flanders himself, Johan Museeuw. And George got Domo’ed.  A lone rider even of George’s strength couldn’t possibly cover all the moves as the Domo boys launched one treacherous attack after another. It’s agonizing to watch.

Ride on…