Schools For Cyclists: 10 Bike-Friendly Universities

Photo by Erin Lubin, Bloomberg News, Getty Images

The Huffington Post recently released the article, Schools For Cyclists: 10 Bike-Friendly Universities, and it turns out that our very own local college has been rated as the most bike-friendly university according the  League of American Bicyclists. Only 32 schools applied for the designation. A fact that underlines a paltry awareness of the significance of being bike-friendly. Of those 32 schools, only 20 actually earned the designation. And only Stanford received a platinum rating. Go Cardinal!

From the Huffington Post article:

According to a press release, Stanford earned top marks thanks to its large number of bike-related programs and resources — like route maps, safety classes and safety repair stands — and because a whopping 21.7 percent of Stanford students, faculty and staff commute via bicycle.

I guess it’s true: smart people ride bikes.

You can find the full list of bike-friendly universities here.

Is there a college near you that made the list?

Ride on…


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