Thanks for Joining the Ride!

We’ve had a big few weeks here at Art of the Group Ride as readership has continued to grow since we launched 4 months ago. More and more of you have come along for the Ride and for that we’re extremely grateful. We’re all time-crunched these days so your internet browsing time is probably limited – so if you’ve enjoyed AGR posts, here are a few quick ways that you can follow along that will make the most of your time:

  1. Subscribe by Email – In the right-hand sidebar, you’ll see a box where you can enter your email address. You won’t receive any spam, just new posts directly to your inbox. WordPress is great like that. Scan it, read it, share it, delete it, whatever you like. Takes 3 seconds to decide & you’re moving on.
  2. Subscribe by Reader – If you haven’t discovered RSS feeds or Readers, this is the best way to organize and quickly scan through blogs that you like. I subscribe to about 200 blogs and regularly scan through post titles, stopping to read a few that seem interesting to me. I think Google Reader is the best out there. It’s free and easy. Simply head over to Google and open a free account. You’ll get a gmail address but you don’t have to use it if you just want to use the Reader.
  3. Become a Facebook Fan – You can find the AGR Facebook page HERE. This is a great way to stay in touch as new posts will show up in your News Feed.
  4. Follow AGR on Twitter – Join the Twitterverse. You can find the AGR Twitter feed HERE. I’ll follow you back too!

MANY thanks to Biking in LA, Richard at Cyclelicious, and Leslie at Go Faster! for linking to AGR over the past week. Also MANY thanks to John and Rachel at Bike Religion and Tony at Joe to Pro Cycling for partnerships in the past few months.

And MANY, MANY thanks to you for reading!

Ride on…


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