Product Review: Craft Gore Windstopper Gunde Boxer

[tweetmeme only_single=false source=”artofgroupride”] This post tackles a subject that might take a little maturity to read but we’re all adults here so I’m just gonna come out and say it: sometimes on a really freezing ride my personal region feels like I have frostbite.

Why is it that when it comes to cold weather cycling we have all kinds of the most advanced technical layered clothing available to us except for this one area of our bodies below our jackets and above our leg warmers? I mean, we have foot warmers, leg warmers, arm warmers, fleece-lined windproof gore-tex jackets but continue to go out riding in the cold with little more than bib shorts around this one area. In the past, I’ve improvised during a freezing ride, alternating between taking off a glove and putting it “down there” until my fingers were frozen then replacing the glove on my hand. Back and forth. Not fun.

If you’ve suffered like this through a cold ride like me, here’s your solution: the Craft Gore Windproof Gunde Boxer. I’m a big fan of most everything I’ve ever tried from Craft. In fact, I can’t think of a single product I’ve tried that hasn’t worked exactly as advertised. Baselayers, jackets, gloves, bibs, shoe covers, Craft products span the range of technical cycling gear and the windproof boxer doesn’t disappoint.

In fact, the boxer does exactly what it says it does: keeps you warm where you need it. There are other alternatives in this category. You could drop upwards of $250 on a killer pair of thermal bibs that you might wear a few times a year. If you have cash to burn, that might be your ticket. For me, I’ve found that on the coldest days, I can continue to wear my regular training bibs and simply layer with the Craft boxers. Warm and toasty. Frostbite feelings solved.

Before you go and order yours, here are a few things you need to know:

  1. I wear mine under bibs but the boxers do have seams.  Not big, uncomfortable seams but it helps to use a good chamois cream if you’re wearing them against your skin.
  2. If you want to layer the boxers over cycling shorts but under an outer bib layer, consider ordering your boxers one size larger.
  3. As always, apply chamois cream FIRST before embrocating.

Give the boxers a try. Inexpensive item, misery prevented.

Ride on…


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