MLK: The Power of Dreams

[tweetmeme only_single=false source=”artofgroupride”]The power of the human imagination is quite possibly our greatest and most human asset. We can perceive and envision events and states of being, a preferred future, that have not yet come to pass and then we can work to make them happen. On a small scale, we exercise this muscle all the time without even realizing it. As a cyclist, what gets you out of bed at 5:30am to meet up with a Group Ride? It’s your imagination, my friend. You have a picture of yourself somehow happier, fitter, stronger, leaner, or more competitive. Maybe you even have goals. If you have goals then you have dreams. We’re all dreamers. Turning a dream into reality is what makes us human. But some people have bigger dreams than most.

On this day that we celebrate one of the most influential social, political, and religious leaders in human history, let’s remember and extend his dream of racial and social equality by treating others with the dignity, honor, and respect that all people deserve.
More than a few writers and historians have described Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech as the most important in our nation’s history. If you’ve never heard the entire speech, you can check it out below.

And may Martin Luther King Jr.’s testimony to the power of dreams keep you moving forward in the pursuit of your own.

Ride on…


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