Top 10 Bike Stories of 2010 » from Cyclelicious Blog

Every once in a while, you owe it to yourself to be aware of major bicycle advocacy issues that may affect your rights as a rider. Honestly, I’m not very aware but I appreciate those who are and let us in on what’s going on politically in the bike advocacy world.

Richard Masoner over at Cyclelicious authors a great blog that “scours the web for the latest information on cycling advocacy, product information and news (from his info tab on Facebook).” He recently posted the top 10 bike stories of 2010 » Cyclelicious. Good to know where politicians are getting it right and where the rights of cyclists are in jeopardy.

The one story I did recognize was the addition of bicycle routes to Google maps. In the past, if you wanted to find the best way to commute or a new training loop, Google maps would send you on the quickest route even if it included highways and bridges without bike lanes or sidewalks. Now, just go to Google maps, click on “get directions,” then click on the bicycle tab. You’ll find the best bicycle-friendly route to your destination. The bicycle tab will even show all available bike lanes and paths in your area. Brilliant.

Any bike advocacy issues that you’re passionate about?

I’d like to be more active in bike advocacy issues. Until then, I’ll leave it to the experts to keep me informed. Thanks Cyclelicious for the great post and information!

Ride on..


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