Lance, Young and Hungry: The Impossible Attack

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Long before cancer, 7 Tour wins, rock-star girlfriends, ubiquitous advertising, doping scandals, and comebacks, Lance was a young triathlete-turned pro bike racer who won a World Championship in 1993 before his 22nd birthday. He was the youngest professional to ever earn the rainbow jersey. 200 riders lined up at the start in Norway and roughly 50 finished. It’s difficult to imagine the kind of guts it took to not only hang with the best riders in the world that day but eventually attack them in those conditions that far from the finish line. It may have seemed impossible at the moment of downshifting and jumping but somehow the impossible became reality.

Guts. It seems like some days, just getting out on the bike this winter takes lots of ’em. Here’s to hoping this video of a young and hungry bike racer helps you find just a little bit more.

Ride on…


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