Most Adaptable Piece of Cycling Clothing I’ve Ever Owned

Without a doubt, this base layer shirt is the most adaptable piece of cycling clothing I’ve ever owned. It’s called the ZEROextreme Windstop Short Sleeve and you can find it on the Craft website by clicking on the image. I don’t get a kick-back from Craft by saying this, it’s just an awesome piece of gear. Windproof, comfortable, and easy to layer, it’s the perfect compliment to a cool or cold day out. And it’s Craft so it definitely has some thoughtful features: long in the back to tuck into your bibs, tapered arms so it doesn’t ride up, and a high collar so your jersey zipper doesn’t stab you in the throat. On those cooler days when a little more than a vest but not quite a jacket will do, throw this on under your jersey. If it warms up, just roll down your arm warmers to vent and you’re good to go. On a cold day, put it on above a wicking layer, jersey up, then finish with a winter jacket. As the name would suggest, it does in fact do a great job of stopping the wind but it also breathes so you don’t feel suffocated. I’ll have mine on tomorrow morning for the Group Ride!

Ride on…


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