Man: A Being in Search of Meaning

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Click on the video. You’ll know within the first 60 seconds if it captivates you the way it did me. At first view, I balked at the 12 minute length but found that I just couldn’t look away. It had me at, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” I take inspiration from others’ stories and this video is definitely that. Fascinating behind the scenes look at the world of Olympic track cycling. If you ride (and I’m guessing you do), use it as a reminder that the cold winter miles you put in at this time of year will definitely pay off in the spring. Spring and Summer fitness is built in the winter, you can count on it.

Even if you’ve never been on the track, I think you’ll find something in there that motivates you to get up early and get out on the road. Don’t hibernate this winter!

Ride on.


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